Ultimate Facebook Live Resources:

Facebook Live for business – here’s my resources in one place to make it easy to get started. Get to it!

Even if you’re a regular, there is always something new to learn. And I add to this page as I create more resources. Let me now if there’s something specific you need that’s not here in the Ultimate Facebook Live Resource page xx

The Ultimate Facebook Live Resources Page – My Live Tutorials

Here are the links to the live posts to talk you through my blog post – things you might NOT be told before you start going live on Facebook:

‘Going Live.’ How do you even DO that?

In this short tutorial (5 mins) I show you how to go live in three places on Facebook:

  1. Your business page (your page likers get notifications and you can share this post everywhere because it’s public, and so can everyone else)
  2. In a group (just goes to the group members and can’t be shared outside the group)
  3. On your personal profile (just to your FB friends, or a custom audience, and even ‘only you’ – can’t be shared unless you change your profile settings)

Bonus – it’s not in the tutorial, but if you are an event organiser you can also go live there. Why not build some excitement around your event leading up to the day? You can add other organisers and they can go live too.

The Ultimate Facebook Live Resource: Blog Post

This is a comprehensive blog filled with things plenty of others fail to mention when you are setting up and during your live broadcasts. Things such as Do Not Disturb won’t stop Facebook notifications and messages from popping up on your screen.

but don’t panic! that fruity text from your other half can’t be seen by your viewers

So ignore and solider on!

Blog Post: Facebook Live For Beginners

Even if you’re a seasoned campaigner you might learn something here too:

Facebook Live for Beginners

The Ultimate Facebook Live Resource: Most Of The Time You’ll Hate The Thumbnail

The Thumbnail is the still shot that shows in the newsfeed until your video plays. I consider it another way to reinforce my brand.

Facebook have 10 thumbnails to choose from most of the time – and guaranteed they choose the ugliest one!

Here’s how to ensure you get a great thumbnail each time

Facebook have 10 thumbnails to choose from most of the time - and guaranteed they choose the ugliest one. Click To Tweet

Coming Soon

Facebook Live Checklist

People are asking – so I am creating one that includes equipment, as well as preparation/during and after you are live to make the most of the time and effort you spend on it xx

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