Unless you have enough dosh to outsource, you can’t really be a technophobe and run a business online

The thought of, or even speaking about, various social media thingys and my website, and anything vaguely related to online land used to send me into a spin. I am not a stupid person, just someone who has made a career without too much of that being necessary, so why I am now working in it/on it every day?! Well it was all about the customer I wanted to work with – if that’s where you are, then that’s where I need to be.

So how to turn this technophobia around? Well that’s a looong and painful story about “journeys” and “discovery” and “hacks”…yuck. The short version is “I did it a bit at a time” and so can you.

Choose one platform like Facebook and learn what you need, use it well and don’t let free downloads about twitter for business freak you out or distract you, when you need them you will still be able to find them, either save them on Facebook or search for them later.

Then move to the next one. Are your ideal clients on LinkedIn? Instagram? Again, just choose one thing, learn as much as you need then repeat.

You don’t have to be an expert on any social media platforms, but you do need a certain amount of literacy, and that’s all this is – like learning a new language or when you first started using email (yes folks I remember what it was like when email was NEW). The more you use it, the easier it becomes.


Stop being a technophobe by taking it one step at a time