How To Be The MacGyver Of Video Confidence

How To Be The MacGyver Of Video Confidence

Are you ready to be a video superstar? Or would you still rather poke yourself in the eye with a stick? Being the MacGyver of video confidence means you use what’s at your disposal to solve a problem. You get inventive to get yourself out of your current situation (for him usually one of life and death, thank goodness we’re only talking about videos),  and into one where you are front and centre representing your awesome brand.

Here are my top tips for conquering those nerves and feeling fabulous about how you look and sound on camera, so you can enjoy superstar video confidence.

Being the McGyver of video confidence means you use what's at your disposal to solve a problem Click To Tweet

I regularly ask in business groups ‘what’s stopping you?’ What pops into your head that split second before you decide that, no, today is not the day for videos? I can’t go live today because… I have asked this question of thousands of female entrepreneurs, and the responses are always pretty similar. We can’t stand the way we look and sound on video, we don’t know how to do it well, and we are not sure what we would say anyway. It might be one or more of these factors that’s stopping you.

Because no-one deserve sweaty palms, and we all deserve to feel fantastic and grow our people, profile and profit!

The Audience Is Key

I’ll let you in on a secret – no amount of fancy tech or gadgets will make up for poor messaging in your videos. Once you’ve nailed your message, both for your business and individual videos, the rest is easy to learn. Loads of people have jumped on the video band wagon without a thought to what they really want and need to say, and who they are saying it to. You on the other hand are going to focus on what’s right in front of you.

I’ll let you in on a secret - no amount of fancy tech or gadgets will make up for poor messaging in your videos Click To Tweet

If you don’t know who you are talking to how will you know what to say?

The benefit to being audience focused don’t stop there. Focusing your energy and vibes outwardly to your audience is a great way to cure nerves as well. You can’t be thinking about yourself when you are truly audience focused.

So give some thought to who you want to serve? What do they need from you? What are their common questions and concerns? This will set you up with a little content plan

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Plan Your Video Content

You aren’t an actor learning lines, you’re an expert in your field and your video content will show it. But what are you actually going to SAY? What would a kickass female MacGyver do? OWN your expertise! Stop hiding what you are truly good at under your handbags. Rely on it, use it, share it. It will bring you more confidence than you know.

I know it can be scary, but spending some time deciding on the outcome you’re looking for will pay dividends. Go back to the ideas you wrote down in the last section and start planning them. Pick one of the ideas and try it on for size. Is it something you can say without any effort? Do the words flow? Then do that one first.

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Planning each video is as simple as writing a few dot points that you want to say, and having a video title that describes what it’s all about.

Use Your Voice

Getting used to the sound of your own voice is critical to video confidence. No-one likes how they sound. I promise. BBC Future shared a video that explains it a little more, but essentially we hear it differently as we speak compared to hearing it back. And the cringe is real.

But it’s your best tool and it’s free. You get used to it – we’ve been listening to you for ages and haven’t run screaming for the hills or put noise cancelling headphones on, so don’t sweat it.

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Saying your video intro and key points out loud is super important for sounding conversational, and to the confidence in your delivery. You don’t need a teleprompter. This is your message, your business. And you can tell when someone is relying on reading the notes on a screen just off camera. If you’re not media trained I wouldn’t recommend it.

So, back to your voice. If you don’t know what to say, start with your voice recorder on your phone. This little tool is easy to use and free. Say your introduction – now play it back – did it sound authentic, which words if any did you stumble over? Are there important words you want to include and you forgot to say them?

Write down what you want to say, or just start speaking, whichever floats your boat, then do it again, and again, and again if you have to until you feel 80% okay with it, then move on.

Prepare Your Environment

Don’t wing it. Walking the dog and going live when you’re juggling a coffee and the dog lead is not the prime time to go live or record a video. Set up some space in your office. A chair, a neutral coloured wall, a pot plant, maybe a shelf with some branded colours on it. Stuff you already have! This way you don’t have to think about it every time.

Shed some light on your lovely face, make sure you know where to look at your smartphone so you’re looking at the lens of the camera, and away you go. Bonus points to having the phone at eye level so it feels even more like we’re having a conversation.

You’ll look better on camera, and you’ll feel great about the content you create.

Bonus points to having the phone at eye level so it feels even more like we’re having a conversation. Click To Tweet

Prepare Yourself

Don’t stress over the details. Just choose and outfit you feel good in (remember most of the time we only see chest up), whack on a bit of lippy and away you go. If you like spending time getting ready with hair and makeup, then do it. If you don’t, then don’t. Be yourself.

Breath through any nerves, and start speaking. Just starting will help your confidence. I promise. A standard introduction helps enormously for this. Need more confidence tips for presenting? Read more about it here

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Over To You

Now it’s you turn to put these tips into practice. You can do it. Be your own MacGyver and use what you have at your disposal to build that video confidence you need to grow your business. As they say in the classics, rip it off like a bandaid. Before you know it, you’ll feel really great about your videos. Everyone gets better, I don’t know anyone who gets worse!

If you’d like some more support, please download my free video training and tutorial that takes you through fives steps to set up for successfully implementing video marketing in your business to grow your people, profile and profit. You can grab it here.
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What To Do When Confidence Deserts You Mid-Preso

What To Do When Confidence Deserts You Mid-Preso

Confidence Can Be Like A Bad Boyfriend

So you’ve got the topic, done the prep and you’re ready to go. Your audience is waiting, if not with baited breath then certainly with a cuppa and expectation. And you want to speak confidently.

You feel a little excited. You have good butterflies. But then…

You’re live. You freeze.

Suddenly your confidence has left you in the learch like a bad first date escaping out the loo window.

What do you do now? How can you speak confidently when you’d rather give it all up like a bad joke?

Here are five ways to speak with confidence and put you back on the wagon while you’re live with an audience. Whether it’s a webinar, Facebook Live, or in front of a group of rabid business networkers.

Suddenly your confidence has left you in the learch like a bad first date escaping out the loo window. Click To Tweet

Remember the lag

If this is Facebook Live – remember that at the very beginning of a facebook live broadcast and throughout, there’s a lag. People don’t get the notification that you’re live for 30 seconds or so.

So once you’re live, smile at the lens so you are looking at people when the watch your video, collect your thoughts, take a breath, look at your cheat sheet if you have one, get ready…

And soldier on.

Learning how to speak confidently takes practice. The more you do this the better you'll get. Click To Tweet

Start Speaking

Talk about something. Anything. Just starting to talk and hearing your voice will shock you back into action.

Just commenting on the weather or saying hello to someone watching might be enough to get you on your way. Learning how to speak confidently takes practice – so the more you do this the better you’ll become.

 A Standard Introduction

Have a standard intro like your favourite podcast.

Say something like:
Hi and welcome. I’m Jenny and today I’m joining you live to talk about xyz.

Having a standard opening line that you’ve practiced a few times will give you breathing space and improve your confidence. It also helps people get used to hearing the same thing from you – adding to their confidence in you and your brand.

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SlowDdown Cowboy

Slow down your rate of speech. It’s interesting that the more nervous and excited we are about our topic, the faster and more out of breath we get.

I learnt a super valuable lesson speaking at a wedding once (read about it here)

In a nutshell, even though I thought I was speaking terribly slowly – in slow motion, because I was sucking in air in between lines of a poem and I didn’t want everyone to know I was out of breath – it was one of the best public speaking gigs I’d ever done. It has helped me for nearly 30 years since.

Slow down. Regulate your breathing, so your heart rate slows. It seems like you’re speaking really slowly but it’s probably spot on.

The aim is to get that oxygen back to your brain and the confidence back in your attitude. Click To Tweet

Admit to Your Nerves

Admit you’re feeling nervous and then crack on.

I’ve seen a couple of first timers recently saying “full disclosure – I am quite nervous so I am going to look at my notes/have a sip of water/take a breath etc.”

People were straight onto it with supportive comments. She kept going then and didn’t mention it again, and her content was awesome.

Feeling nervous is normal. You’re putting yourself out there and people appreciate that. But there are tips to follow to stay on track so you and your awesome business message are front and centre and not you breathlessly apologising for being nervous and giving up mid message.

Even the pros suffer nerves. It's normal and shows you care. Click To Tweet

You can do this! Nervous about going live and want to practice? You can go live on your personal Facebook profile to ‘only me’ so no-one else sees it but you. Want to know how? Here’s a video tutorial (skip to 2.10 for the personal profile instructions).

Over to you

So there are the five ways to speak with confidence – do you have anything you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments if you have tried any of these tips and how they worked for you.

Need support to set up your video and live broadcast strategy? Get in touch today – I’d love to hear from you

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Facebook Live for Beginners

Facebook Live for Beginners

What’s it costing you not to do this?

If you’re a beginner at all this, and feeling a bit like a bunny in the headlights – Facebook Live for Beginners is the ultimate guide for you.

Facebook Newsroom reports that people watch a live video three times longer than a static pre-recorded video. And the reach for live posts is 10 times more than normal posts. For Free.

Did I mention this is free promo for your business right now?

And if you go live on your Facebook business page, which is public, you can reach a larger potential audience than just the people who like your page. For nicks, for nothing, nada.

NOTE: Recently updated for new Facebook Live features such as interviewing another person (with instructions), and sharing your screen from your desktop.


How Being A Sleep Deprived Mum Helped Me Create Client Focused Content

How Being A Sleep Deprived Mum Helped Me Create Client Focused Content

Sleep Deprivation is Torture

When my middle son was a baby I genuinely tried to work out how I could wrangle things so I could be looked after. In a hospital, without my children or unhelpful husband. Not my proudest moment. Actually one of my darkest.

I remember standing on the back deck on the phone to some sleep school or other, and hearing that there was a six week wait. Sorry, wha?? Six weeks? Are you joking, you can’t honestly think I can survive another six weeks like this.

I swore. A lot. And she got tetchy with me.

I swore. A lot. And she got tetchy with me. Click To Tweet

Are you committing the seven deadly sins of video?

Are you committing the seven deadly sins of video?

Do you need the confessional?

Using video, Facebook live, webinars and live training is a fantastic way to engage your audience. Letting people get to know you, hear your message and offer them some value is a fast track to leads. But what if you’re not getting the results you want? Perhaps you’ve checked your stats and people are clicking away after about 7 seconds or not clicking at all?

Perhaps you’re committing one of the seven deadly sins. Read on to make sure you’re on the straight and narrow.


Camera Ready Checklist

About to press record? STOP!

You’re just a few short steps away from Lights! Camera! Action!

Let me just say that this post is NOT intended to make you feel being camera ready is all too hard. Quite the opposite. If you take just a couple of minutes going through your camera ready checklist, it’ll save you time and energy in recording and editing videos. You can get your videos to market in less time, with less stress. Let your ideal clients find you, and hear your message.

If you take a couple of minutes going through your camera ready checklist, it'll save you time and energy in recording and editing videos Click To Tweet

Your Camera Ready Checklist


Whether you’re using your webcam, iPad or phone (or going old school and using an actual camera), look at the screen and pay attention to what’s behind you. Dishes? Washing? A distracting view? A messy bookcase? I’m sure you’ve seen webinars and videos where you can’t drag your eyes away from the background. Like walking past a house when the front door is open – you just can’t help yourself.

You want your message front and centre, not the pile of paperwork or school notices hanging on the fridge.

Stand with the light to your side or front (not behind) and a curtain or fairly plain background behind you, (which usually means not sitting at your desk). And sometimes I find standing with the light in the wrong place can make the bags under my eyes even darker, so I move around until I find a better spot. I don’t want to scare you away looking like the walking dead.

You want your message front and centre, not the pile of paperwork or school notices hanging on the fridge Click To Tweet

Can you hear the neighbours dog barking? Or the local kinder or school kids making heaps of noise? I time things out of school bell times too (because even when I thought I was miles away, I could still here the silly school bell).


Will you use your phone, computer or iPad, pay a professional, or go old school and use a real camera?

You can use a tripod instead of propping your iPad or phone on a book (that is most likely to fall over). Tripods come in various sizes and cost anywhere from under $50 to hundreds of dollars.

Make sure your phone is charged so it doesn’t run out of battery part way through your recording. Close other apps on your phone and your reminders so you don’t get dings or interruptions. Turn your phone to airplane mode so you don’t get interrupted with phone calls whilst recording.  And something that has happened to me a few times – make sure there is enough storage on your device to hold you video files before you upload or transfer them to your computer/dropbox/straight to social media.

Most of your devices (usually run off similar technology and about the same age) will give you a similar result, so no need to stress to much. Just make it easy on yourself and use what you have.

Turn your phone to airplane mode so you don't get interrupted with phone calls whilst recording Click To Tweet


You’re the boss of your own videos – wear what makes you feel good. You’re probably only going to record from the chest up, so for all we know, you might be wearing your pyjama pants. Wear something comfortable, and keep the jewellery simple (unless you’re selling jewellery in which case knock yourself out). I love my bangles but they are a bit jingly and can be annoying, so I just leave it to the trusty staples when on camera.

Don’t worry too much about special outfits, or being dressed by a stylist (although how much fun would that be?!) Just choose your go-to outfits. Have a few you go to each time you record your videos as it will save you time and stress. Just remember that your message is the key focus.

Script Your Message

Make sure you have one, rehearse it and follow it! Don’t have a script? You can use my template if you want one or create your script using these easy tick the box guidelines.

You’re NOT an actor with lines to learn. You know your stuff. So a ‘script’ is simply a way to get some notes down to make sure you’re chyrstal clear about your message.

And remember – you can hit stop and record whenever you bloody like – there is noone saying you have to do anything in one take – if you feel weird, or words didn’t come out right, or your top or scarf is annoying you. Just stop, and start again when you’re ready.

Once you have ticked this lot off you will be well and truly prepared and ready to go. Get stuck into it!