Writing An About Me Blurb That Attracts

Write your about me page

Why do we all hate ‘blowing our own trumpet’? Are we afraid of seeming ‘up ourselves’?

You are a topic you should know the most about, so honestly, if you don’t, who will? Your ‘about me’ spiel or blurb is a chance to sell to your ideal client in a succinct 300 words – so – get stuck into it!

Your about me page is a selling tool

Make your about me page work for you. It’s like speed-dating with your potential clients, so make it count. If you’re not sure how to write your About Me page, let’s get started.

Think about shops you like to go to, why do you shop there, what are the staff like, how do they make you feel. Why do you keep going back?

In retail making the customer feel welcome is key. It’s one of the reasons we wander in and then straight back out of a store after being ignored by someone half our age and less than half as interesting.

You can translate that to your About Me page (and reuse it across other platforms too).

Your opening statement

Start with a bold statement aimed at your ideal client that really gets them engaged. Make it about them more than you.

An example might be:

  • “I thought you might be tired of scrolling through LinkedIn profiles to find the right copywriter so I decided to make this video to save you time.”
  • Are you looking for someone to make your brand authentic to you and your business? You have come to the right place – I specialise in bespoke branding for entrepreneurs to make sure your truly stand out from the crowd
  • I have a superpower – ticking everything off your checklist for your ideal home
  • Are you sick and tired of the same old social media posts? Looking for a way to work less and enjoy your business more?

Avoid stuff everyone else is saying

Avoid language that’s too common:

  • I’m super passionate about your business
  • I have years of experience in…
  • I have unique skills
  • I empower women to…

All your competitors say it – so stand out from the crowd with different words.

How do you want to sound?

Think about how you want the person to feel and use words that get them there.

Want to sound quirky? Have the reader smiling about you? Use casual words, slang or “buzzwords”, or a play on words that might keep them interested.

Want to sound corporate so your audience feels like you are super professional? Then include more jargon specific to them, IT System names they know and might be looking for help with and so on.

If you want to engage with empathy, then this lends itself more to story telling. You get the drift… Just make sure you are using language that your intended audience will understand.

A simple template might help

Use a template such as this one to get you started:

Hi I’m Jenny and I’m dedicated to making you, the small or home based business owner, sleep better at night by taking away the overwhelm

Reword it as a question, or take out your name, make a statement and include your name in the next paragraph.

Include a bio statement so they know a little more about you that adds to the trust you are building with them such as:

I have worked with blah for blah years/minutes/millenia and in my experience there is a proven way to solve this blah problem

And then what?

Once you have chosen the first paragraph, you can have a big choice of where to go next:

  • A testimonial statement that leads to your next point
  • A video – this will keep people on your website longer and encourage them to look around, more likely to click your contact form as they build more trust in you through seeing and hearing you on video.
  • A link to your most popular blog posts
  • Photos
  • Short fun facts about you, or the industry your audience is in

Before you know it, you’ll have your words down. Save them to a word document so you can cut and paste them into other social media profiles. If you’re unsure how long they should be, use my infographic to save time and effort.

Overall – you are awesome and the clients you are trying to engage will think so too.
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