We love a planner – online, hardcopy, on the wall. Wherever really. And we spend ages with our coloured highlighters and our erasable pens…so WHY CAN’T WE STICK TO IT??? How can we create a social media plan we can stick to?

I have seen so many posts lately about consistency. That I have to be consistent on social media. That consistency will make all the difference to my social media profile. Well I think it’s a fallacy myself, as life happens. So how can we create a plan that at least gives us an outside chance of getting ‘it’ right 80% of the time?

Here’s my method for setting up a strategy and content plan for social media that you can stick to.

Set your outcomes/intentions.

What do you actually want to achieve in the time frame you are giving yourself? What does the end game look like? More leads each week? Higher engagement in your Facebook group? Sales of your book?

Whatever it is, make sure it’s clear to you so you know what you’re planning FOR.

It’s fun writing social media content and creating videos (YES it is!), but is it actually growing your business? This way you are being strategic with your end game in mind rather than just creating posts for the sake of it. You’re much more likely to stick to it if you’re seeing results!

Be realistic!

Have little kids and work from home? Is it really likely you will get a blog a week out with a video to match and the social media scheduled for multiple platforms??

Be kind to yourself and be realistic.

Set yourself up to win, not feel like you’re losing the social media game. Set small goals for what you can achieve, see how you go, then maybe set some bigger ones as you get better at all this. If you’ve been in this game for ages, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Run your own race

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If you’re not sure what that should be ask around for a great business coach, but do your absolute best not to rubber neck at what everyone else is doing, as that’s time you could be spending on your own stuff and helping clients who need you.

Don’t compare, don’t copy, don’t worry. Do YOUR thing.

Include your core social platforms

The rest can come later

Go back to that strategy, the outcome you wanted to achieve – which platforms are you going to focus on? They require different engagement, posting at different times of day, different video lengths and descriptions. Don’t try and do it all – it will blow your tiny mind

Pick content you’ve already created

What? No new content?? Here’s why this works and will save you loads of time and less hair puling.

If you’ve already created blogs, use them again, REFUEL them and get as much juice out of those suckers as you can. Tweets, quotes, facts, questions, videos and live broadcasts all come from your blogs, so make the most of them and save yourself time and energy

Over To You

If you want to grow that incredible business of yours, you really need to be using video to market it. Whether that’s in social media posts, blogs, emails, client messages or more. Don’t stress if you’re not sure where to start. Go ahead and download my free video marketing kickstarter training – How To Create Videos For Your Business. Its a 15 minute commitment that will make a huge difference xx