Create your video marketing strategy

If you’re unsure where and when you should be posting videos or going live on Facebook you’re probably committing random acts of video marketing. Costing you time, energy and money.

Deciding to add video to your overall business marketing can be scary. You might feel nervous like a bunny in the headlights. Or maybe your’e a human dynamo and you are going full steam ahead to get stuck into it.

Without a video strategy you’re like a tourist without a GPS. You need to know where you’re going – there’s always a few alternatives, and you choose the way that suits you best.

Spend some time with me this week and we’ll create your video marketing strategy together.

Seriously this is going to save you so many headaches, and leave you feeling calm and in control. Know where and when you are using video or live broadcast. And you will see your return on investment.

Click here to secure your spot in my calendar and we will arrange payment that suits you once you’re in. You get a recording of our zoom call so you can refer back to it when you need it. And a written report of the main points of your strategy. 

$397 AUD and you’re on your way to making an impact, growing your profile and building your business and your bottom line.

I can’t wait to see you lovely face and your awesome business message on video.

Here’s the link to my calendar – looking forward to hearing from you xx
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