Saying ‘no’ is the best working from home tip

Saying ‘no’ is the best working from home tip

Want the best working from home tip ever?

Along with the kids who seem allergic to rain and walking in general, my friends, and their schools, have become accustomed to me being at home – working from home seems to be code for Jenny is available for witty texting battles, coffees, shopping, and “can you please pick me up it’s raining”.

Recently something clicked (or snapped, depending on your persective). I am the number one and only bread winner in my household. My friends and family as much as I love them dearly, really have no idea what it is like to raise three boys on your own and be responsible for every little thing. This isn’t a pity party, I LOVE being my own boss, I love the flexibility of working the way I do, but I started saying “No, I’m working” and it has made a huge difference to my productivity and my mental clarity, not to mention my kids’ fitness.

Working from home is still working, and if you aren’t getting as much work done as you would like and you have been searching for working from home tips, then this is the best place to start. You have to have a schedule, you have to be hard arsed about protecting that schedule from intrusions from well meaning friends who want to get you out of the house…they are gorgeous, but keep it to one morning a week or something like that. We work from home for a number of reasons, but we still want to earn a living, so let’s start being firm but pleasant with “No, I’m working” from now on…

Feel free to share if you have friends who have home based businesses too.