Is your awesome business invisible?

It’s time to put video marketing in place. Let people get to know you and what you can do for them.

Build trust and connection with people faster than words on a page could ever do. And stand out from the competition for all the right reasons. 

Lights Camera Lipstick is your system for video marketing success – goodbye camera shy!

If you’re nervous, unconfident about how to do it, or just want to get better, let me help you.

Learn what you need to know to create engaging click-worthy video and live broadcasts – even if you feel like a bunny in the headlights, or you’d rather stick a pin in your eye.

Each week of the program increases your skills and confidence:

  Kickass Content Planning
  Sound Great Look Awesome
  Dominate Video and Facebook Live
  Bringing It Together- Five Videos In Five Days

Week 1: Kickass Content Planning

 Using my tried and tested techniques for getting into the hearts and minds of your potential client to nail exactly what sort of content you should be creating. Solve their problems and convert them into paying clients.
 Creating a content plan for at least four weeks including not just video, but Facebook live and other social media posts from your current content
 Plan your video content in three simple steps
 With my 25 years presentation experience, I’ll share all the confidence building-nerve-busting techniques you need to feel super fabulous!

Week 2: Sound Great Look Awesome – Tame that Tech!

 My camera confidence tips and tricks will have you feeling amazing on camera this week
 Lights! How to look professional for a fraction of the cost
 An equipment list and tour of my set up so you can set yourself up for professional looking vids
 Hacks when you are on a budget
 Technology you can use to create videos FAST

Week 3: Dominate Video and Facebook Live

 Specific tech set up to go live on Facebook and more
 Creating your ongoing live strategy
 Grow rock-solid confidence in your message and yourself
 Specific scripting techniques to take your videos to the next level

Week 4: Bringing it all together – five videos in five days

 Create video or your Facebook Live program across five days
 Receive a script template from me each day to use to create a short video you can share straight away
 Workshop more ideas for content that are specific to your business

This comprehensive course is only for ACTION TAKERS and people who are ready to take a leap of faith – knowing I will be here every step of the way. And you can reuse the system over and over again (and you have lifetime access to the tutorial videos)

Ready to jump in?

Contact me here for more information about the next program dates.

Here’s what the program will do for you

Let people get to know and like you through powerful but simple videos answering the exact questions they need you to answer

Grow people’s trust in you because your videos and facebook live will let them feel connected to you

Give you amazing content ideas for what sorts of video will engage your online audience best, using a content planning strategy I share with my one on one clients

Help you clarify your message and craft it so it is powerful and has the impact needed for people to notice you

Work out the mechanics of how to create video content on a shoestring budget

Look like a pro in front of the camera using my tried and tested techniques

And get you sharing those suckers across social media and beyond by the end of week one

This is all about getting stuff done – stop thinking and start doing!

Contact me here to find out more about next dates and join the waiting list.

I had been doing videos myself for about 8 months and doing a pretty average job of it, not been getting many views on Facebook or much interaction.

The first video I did in Jenny’s course, I sold out an event with in 3 days of posting the video! That instantly demonstrated the impact this video challenge has had.

I am feeling more confident, I have more tips for creating the looks I want and am implementing so much of what Jenny shared with me to save so much time in the video process.

If you are serious about getting better results with your video marketing I highly encourage you to join Jenny’s Lights Camera Lipstick.

Thanks so much Jenny

Jo Wise

Founder, Jo Wise Leadership

Recently I had the pleasure of completing one of Jenny De Lacy’s programs. Before I started I had been on camera a few times but felt far from confident and really wanted to do anything other than video’s to promote my business. But the reality is that video gets the engagement and builds relationships with your clients so I knew I had to get into it sooner rather than later. I am so glad I chose Jenny to work with and to help me get over my camera jitters. She has such a beautiful and gentle way of guiding you through the process that before you know it you are ready to go on camera and feeling pretty good about it too! Tegan Matthews

Founder, Facing Fears