Small Business Video Marketing Strategy and Coaching


Some of the good stuff, gratis – this will get you started and let you know how I work if you like to try before you buy


Whether DIY your videos or outsource production, you still need to have a solid strategy around what content you need to achieve the outcomes your business needs. Set up your strategy, or implement the whole five step system

Events and Online Courses

Workshops and courses, online and in person, to learn the how to make videos for your business.

Video Marketing Academy

Your five step system for video marketing success. For the business or entrepreneur who wants to learn how to do it ALL for their business from start to finish

Not sure how to use video marketing for your business? My proven five step system will get you sorted sharing the RIGHT content for the RIGHT audience. Small Business Video Marketing Coaching through workshops, Video Marketing Academy courses and one on one intensives.

I’ll coach you to do it well – to stand out for all the right reasons and feel rock solid confident in your message, the technology, and fall in love with how you look on camera

How Do I Help?

Through my workshops, online programs and one on one training, I offer video marketing coaching services that complement and enhance your current marketing efforts.

From ideas to bring your video marketing to life, to setting you up for DIY videos. I’ll build your confidence in your business message so you’ll create powerful videos.

I’ll inspire and motivate you to build your visibility and grow your business using awesome video content, using technology you already have, without taking out a second mortgage on the house!

In August last year I did Jenny’s Video Confidence Workshop. It was the single best workshop I have ever done. I was so frightened of FB live and video in general. By the end of the half-day I had a clear message and confidence to start. Now, Jenny has trained my whole team in her five step system and we have gone from dabbling with videos to promote our business, to strategically focused on what we need to create, and exactly what to say based on out content plan and storyboards. Our profile has grown, I say yes to every single interview opportunity on Facebook live because I KNOW what to say and feel confident to DO it. It’s been amazing – thanks Jenny!

Louisa Tew

COO, Away Team

Recently I had the pleasure of completing one of Jenny De Lacy’s programs. Before I started I had been on camera a few times but felt far from confident and really wanted to do anything other than video’s to promote my business. But the reality is that video gets the engagement and builds relationships with your clients so I knew I had to get into it sooner rather than later. I am so glad I chose Jenny to work with and to help me get over my camera jitters. She has such a beautiful and gentle way of guiding you through the process that before you know it you are ready to go on camera and feeling pretty good about it too. She provides not only the tech (explained in human words LoL) but also the encouragement you need to find the courage and put your face in front of the lens. She’s also really good at kicking your butt and giving you a hurry on when you need it too. She’s real and she’s just such a joy to work with. I’m now so much more confident when I am about to go live and the quality of my videos has improved out of sight. Thanks so much Jenny! And for anyone who might be sitting on the fence thinking about doing one of her programs, do yourself a favour and just do it. Jenny will take you by the hand and help you to find your camera-readiness, and you will be so glad that you did! 🙂

Tegan Marshall

Founder , Facing Fears

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