If you’re not using video already – what’s stopping you?

It’s not a question of IF but WHEN and HOW you use video for your business marketing. But let’s get it right – don’t wing it. Share content that your clients (existing and potential) will love and share with these video content ideas.

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Your Video Marketing Content Made Easy

If you need video content ideas but don’t know where to start, let me help you with a choice of 21 videos (at least) that will get your audience clicking for more.

Choose the top four that work for you, and there’s a month’s worth of one-a-week video to share with your online audience.

Ideas from your Website

  1. Use the Frequently Asked Question page on your website – minimum one video per question. You’ve already written the answer, and you know the content.
  2. Choose your best blog post. Use the heading and subheadings as the basis for your video script. You might even end up with more than one video if it’s a long juicy blog.
  3. Brainstorm your service or product and with as many words that relate to it – choose a video for as many of them as you can
  4. Categorise the problems your clients face and make videos for each solution you can provide – check your website Services Page (where you list the solutions you offer clients) for ideas to get your started
  5. Create a video to explain your product or service to your target audience

You and Your Clients

  1. Write down 52 ideas that your clients will love – that’s one video for each week of the year
  2. Make a personal branding video or video bio to introduce yourself and embed it to your website home page and LinkedIn profile
  3. Do a ‘day in the life of’ style video to show us how you work each day
  4. Create a video about the tools/technology/apps you use to do your job that might make my day easier too
  5. Interview someone you admire on video
  6. Interview someone who provides services to your business to give them a boost
  7. Spend time with a client and do a video testimonial to share to your website or Facebook page
  8. Teach me how to do something that I might usually pay you to do for me
Write down 52 ideas that your clients will love - that's one video for each week of the year Click To Tweet

Engage and Challenge

  1. Ask your audience a question via video and encourage them to load a short video answer on your page
  2. Have a challenge to offer your audience and do a short Facebook live feed each day to introduce a new task or action they can take
  3. Create a blog with a mixture of video styles to support your message – a whiteboard/hand drawn video, face to camera video, share someone else’s, animation etc
  4. Do several videos of the same topic in different ways to engage difference learning styles

Facebook Ideas

  1. Use the 360 video option offered on Facebook to show a panoramic view of your work space to your clients
  2. Go to your Facebook business page insights and find the posts that generated the most engagement – could you make video from them?
  3. Do a series of short videos that introduce a problem then several solutions over subsequent videos. Use Facebook Live for this to engage your audience in real time
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Hopefully that got the cogs turning and the creativity flowing. Let me know how you go – I would love to see and share your business marketing videos.

If you’re still stuck and need one on one support to get a content plan created and your video marketing up and running, please get in touch with me here.

If you’re in Melbourne – don’t forget to check out my events page to come along to a half day workshop to set you up to share your extraordinary business message with the poeple who need you most.

Jenny x