Want to Be More Productive?

1. Start with a clear desk

It’s thought that a messy desk is a sign of intelligence (Yay. And swearing and being a night owl amongst other things. Read about it here).

So why does a clear desk mean you can be more productive?

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Research shows that the more mess there is, the more your eyes, and therefore brain, try to process. So you can’t focus on the task at hand.

You can read more about it here.

Out Of Site Out Of Mind

If you have a house full of messy kids like me, employ the ‘out of site out of mind’ technique. I simply make sure it’s not in eyeshot of my work space so I can’t see it (toys, washing, school stuff etc).

It’s important to remember you are working – this is your work space, not a kids toy dumping ground, drawing table or play centre.

It is your work space where you earn a living for your family. If you want a more productive day make sure you tidy it quickly every night, which leads to the next point…

2. A place for everything and everything in its place

Notebooks, reference materials, client details/files, stationery, printer, paperclips, printing paper, whiteboard pens, diary, phone charger…they all need to be in their place so you can start the day WITHOUT LOOKING FOR SHIT!

3. Use to do lists

Electronically or on paper, these are your must use tool every singe day – even several times per day – to make sure you are always working on the important stuff. You’ll feel super productive at the end of the day.

I am a bit of a serial planner and note book purchaser. Recently I have been trying to keep notes online so I don’t have to ferret through heaps of notebooks to find things

Here are my top three:

  • Evernote. I keep notebooks in there for blog ideas. A daily journal. Reminders, and more. Easy to use and I can snip clips to it from research I do for blogs or work.
  • Passion Planner. There are so many fantastic planners out there. This is one I have been using for a couple of years and recently tried the Daily Greatness Journal too.
  • Simple bullet journal – I break my categories into Learn, Create, Do. So all my bases are covered. And I try to keep the list short so I don’t lose my tiny mind.

Over to You

What are your must-do tasks for staying productive? Feel free to share them here.


Be More Productive