About to press record? STOP!

You’re just a few short steps away from Lights! Camera! Action!

Let me just say that this post is NOT intended to make you feel being camera ready is all too hard. Quite the opposite. If you take just a couple of minutes going through your camera ready checklist, it’ll save you time and energy in recording and editing videos. You can get your videos to market in less time, with less stress. Let your ideal clients find you, and hear your message.

If you take a couple of minutes going through your camera ready checklist, it'll save you time and energy in recording and editing videos Click To Tweet

Your Camera Ready Checklist


Whether you’re using your webcam, iPad or phone (or going old school and using an actual camera), look at the screen and pay attention to what’s behind you. Dishes? Washing? A distracting view? A messy bookcase? I’m sure you’ve seen webinars and videos where you can’t drag your eyes away from the background. Like walking past a house when the front door is open – you just can’t help yourself.

You want your message front and centre, not the pile of paperwork or school notices hanging on the fridge.

Stand with the light to your side or front (not behind) and a curtain or fairly plain background behind you, (which usually means not sitting at your desk). And sometimes I find standing with the light in the wrong place can make the bags under my eyes even darker, so I move around until I find a better spot. I don’t want to scare you away looking like the walking dead.

You want your message front and centre, not the pile of paperwork or school notices hanging on the fridge Click To Tweet

Can you hear the neighbours dog barking? Or the local kinder or school kids making heaps of noise? I time things out of school bell times too (because even when I thought I was miles away, I could still here the silly school bell).


Will you use your phone, computer or iPad, pay a professional, or go old school and use a real camera?

You can use a tripod instead of propping your iPad or phone on a book (that is most likely to fall over). Tripods come in various sizes and cost anywhere from under $50 to hundreds of dollars.

Make sure your phone is charged so it doesn’t run out of battery part way through your recording. Close other apps on your phone and your reminders so you don’t get dings or interruptions. Turn your phone to airplane mode so you don’t get interrupted with phone calls whilst recording.  And something that has happened to me a few times – make sure there is enough storage on your device to hold you video files before you upload or transfer them to your computer/dropbox/straight to social media.

Most of your devices (usually run off similar technology and about the same age) will give you a similar result, so no need to stress to much. Just make it easy on yourself and use what you have.

Turn your phone to airplane mode so you don't get interrupted with phone calls whilst recording Click To Tweet


You’re the boss of your own videos – wear what makes you feel good. You’re probably only going to record from the chest up, so for all we know, you might be wearing your pyjama pants. Wear something comfortable, and keep the jewellery simple (unless you’re selling jewellery in which case knock yourself out). I love my bangles but they are a bit jingly and can be annoying, so I just leave it to the trusty staples when on camera.

Don’t worry too much about special outfits, or being dressed by a stylist (although how much fun would that be?!) Just choose your go-to outfits. Have a few you go to each time you record your videos as it will save you time and stress. Just remember that your message is the key focus.

Script Your Message

Make sure you have one, rehearse it and follow it! Don’t have a script? You can use my template if you want one or create your script using these easy tick the box guidelines.

You’re NOT an actor with lines to learn. You know your stuff. So a ‘script’ is simply a way to get some notes down to make sure you’re chyrstal clear about your message.

And remember – you can hit stop and record whenever you bloody like – there is noone saying you have to do anything in one take – if you feel weird, or words didn’t come out right, or your top or scarf is annoying you. Just stop, and start again when you’re ready.

Once you have ticked this lot off you will be well and truly prepared and ready to go. Get stuck into it!