Sleep Deprivation is Torture

When my middle son was a baby I genuinely tried to work out how I could wrangle things so I could be looked after. In a hospital, without my children or unhelpful husband. Not my proudest moment. Actually one of my darkest.

I remember standing on the back deck on the phone to some sleep school or other, and hearing that there was a six week wait. Sorry, wha?? Six weeks? Are you joking, you can’t honestly think I can survive another six weeks like this.

I swore. A lot. And she got tetchy with me.

I swore. A lot. And she got tetchy with me. Click To Tweet

I had a shin kicking, head banging, tantrum throwing 3 year old who did NOT want a baby brother. And the baby used me like a human dummy (and I felt like a dummy too).

A lovely little old lady in the street asked that weird question oldies ask: ‘is he a good baby?’ And I said ‘NO – actually. NO he is not a good baby, he is a bad baby’. I remember her clutching her pearls and muttering something at me before walking off, eyes averted.

 What’s that got to do with client-focused content?

Good question.

A baby sleep expert asked me to write a script for her. A script for a video that will sit on her home page that sleep derived desperate mums will  eyeball through bleary teary eyes. I know how they’re feeling, the challenges, catastrophes and strategies, tried and failed, that brought them to her. And I know how they’ll feel when she says she can help them. NOW.

So putting a script together for her business is not going to be a huge challenge. It’s something I am really looking forward to if she engages me to do the work. And I have heaps of other ideas for her too, because I can channel that inner sleep-deprived mum.

Another ‘Year Of Video.’

This is the ‘year of video’ (for about the third year in a row). It’s not a matter of IF you’ll use it to grow your business, but WHEN and HOW.

This is the 'year of video’ (for about the third time). It’s not a matter of IF you’ll use it to grow your business, but WHEN and HOW. Click To Tweet

One of the most common reasons businesses give for not currently using video or Facebook Live is that they don’t know what to say.

Let alone the mechanics of it, and the fact that a large percentage would rather poke themselves in the eye with a pointy stick.

When you’re stuck for content ideas, here’s what I want you to do – channel your clients’ biggest fears and challenges. Like that sleep deprived mum who many of us can relate to. From the bags under the eyes to making the choice between sleeping, eating, and showering.

 Simple Brainstorming Method

Write your business down in the centre of a piece of paper and think about how your ideal client is feeling when they start looking for your solution. Desperate and overwhelmed? Out of time and frustrated? Maybe they need to tick a box for compliance. Or they’re nervous about getting something wrong. They might simply have no idea where to start. Why do they need you? Get into their hearts and minds.

 Some Examples To Get You Started

Business Coaches Your content is aimed at showing me your expertise, explaining how working with you will build my business, grow my client base. And importantly – why you are the right one for me in a sea of people calling themselves coaches.

This might be about sharing specific systems you follow, apps you use, productivity tips. It might get straight to the heart of why most people running a business are not as successful as they want to be. Fear. Or maybe procrastination for some other reason. But you have the answer and you can provide it on video

You have the answer and you can provide it on video Click To Tweet

Finance Specialists Your clients don’t really have a choice every quarter or year but to get their tax commitments taken care of. So they want it done with the minimum of fuss and without error.

Or maybe they rely on you to help them make the right business decisions based on the figures.

The alternative (and what they may be feeling) is the panic that sets in when you take care of finances yourself. The overwhelm. Lack of sleep over the BAS being late and receiving a fine. Tax return not done for several years and feeling sick at the thought of an audit. So for video content you could be offering:

  • Ideas to keep on top of finances daily, to remove the likelihood of eleventh hour BAS weeks, fines and nasty letters from the ATO.
  • You could create one that addresses the people directly who have let it go so long. To let them know it’s better to face the music and you’ll help them do it.
  • You could explain your process for getting things done right and on time.
  • Introduce the team so people know who’s likely to handle their financial affairs.

Oh the relief! The weight-off-shoulders moment when handing over something you don’t want to do yourself!

Fitness Professionals

People are often at breaking point with how they feel about themselves before they find you. They are looking to you for reassurance and trust that you know what you’re doing and can take them from feeling terrible to amazing and achieving goals in the near future. So imagine if I stumble across your videos or Facebook live feeds that help me get to know and trust you.

  • Explain the way you work and the expertise you offer.
  • Show them around the gym so it’s not so scary (we all know how intimidating starting at the gym can be – clearly everyone knows something I don’t, and they all look like they have their shit together)
  • Do a specific routine each day that people can follow along with
  • Deliver a daily dose of motivation to get and ge moving

And last but not least, the copywriters Oh lord don’t tell me you are going to say you’re an introvert and that’s your excuse for not being more visible and letting people know, like and trust you through video.

If you have the business and the clients you want already, then move along, nothing to see here.

But if you want your business to grow, and to be known for your area of expertise then you simply MUST share that with your online audience. A pre-recorded video doesn’t even involve another human being in your direct vicinity! And some of the best online legends we know are introverts.

So drop that old chestnut and read on. (I’m only being hard on you because I love you).

When people use a copywriter they are often thinking they can do it themselves but don’t have the time. Or they are desperate to get their website up and the content is the last thing on the to-do list. And they’ve procrastinated because they don’t know how to write about themselves and their business. Perhaps they are nervous about handing over ‘control’ to someone else for their marketing materials?

Get to the heart of why people need you and your content will flow from there.  For example:

  • How to choose the right copywriter for your business
  • Why you believe your <insert industry specialty> brings more business to your clients’ websites
  • Put your About page on a video so people can get to know you
  • Explain the different types of services you offer
  • Answer other frequently asked questions
  • Answer specific challenges people have with specific types of writing (brochure, resume, LinkedIn Profile, Emails etc)

Over To You

Get stuck into it. I’ve started with a few ideas here for you – feel free to swipe and change them up to suit your needs. But the key is to put yourself in their shoes. Write as much down as you can about them before you put your content plan together.

If you’re not sure and you need a hand with it, contact me here.