Presentation Confidence Mentoring Services

Communicate directly to your target marketing naturally, with personality and power, and lose the paralysing self doubt and time-wasting guesswork. I work with teams and offer individual scripting and presentation mentoring.

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Who is Jenny De Lacy?

A serial speaker, for almost three decades, Jenny helps others find the right words, lose the self doubt and present with personality and power to their target marketing. For more leads, greater authority, and to feel awesome. Services are offered to small business teams, public workshops and 1:1 mentoring.

Jenny is your go-to presentation confidence coach, mentoring people to naturally confident speaking skills to achieve their business goals

With more almost 30 years working with audiences from 2-200, across diverse industries, what Jenny doesn’t know about presenting with impact and crafting powerful messages isn’t worth knowing. She works closely with you to make sure your message is focused on your target market, and answers their questions and concerns. Generating more lovely leads to your business.

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