December Came and Went In A Flurry

Did you know Christmas cards were first created to save time? (You can read more about it here).

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I have seriously clever copywriting friends who compose poems, send witty postcards, and make sure they say thanks to all their clients for the year that was.

 I don’t. Time always gets the better of me. Kids and deadlines nearly always take over

I also feel like there is a glut of messages, emails, cards and texts sent in December to say thanks. And Merry Christmas or Happy Hunnikah. A festivus for the rest of us, and so on.

So I came up with some actions I can take in early January to reconnect and say thanks to my clients from 2016, and also business connections that made a difference to me throughout the year.

Email Your List

Make sure everyone on your list gets best wishes for the new year from you, and an insight into what’s to come. Offer a strategy call to kick off the year, or your latest blog for some holiday reading.

Or simply keep it holiday focused and include your top five holiday reads.

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 Give Them a Shout Out on Social Media

You might be writing a blog or putting some posts up for the beginning of the year. Perhaps you could give some clients a shout out? Link to them in your blog that showcases some work you did last year. Let them know and they can share it too.

You could start a specific thread in a group or page on Facebook and give a shout out to the people who made the biggest difference to you in 2016 and give them a boost too.

Send a Card For New Year

Not as expected as a Christmas card, and a little less hectic.

If you have physical addresses I think sending a card now is a lovely option. Just saying thanks for 2016 and here’s to a successful 2017.

I think everyone likes receiving a personal hand written message. Especially in this time of texts, e-cards and group messages on Facebook pages (guilty as charged).

Ring People

I know! Am I serious? I know there are plenty of phone call averse peeps out there, but calling people in early January to say hello isn’t a bad idea.

It could be just the ticket.

You could kick off the year with a few meetings set up, or simply call to say all the best for 2017 and let me know how I can help.

Share Their Pages/Social Handles

If they are on social media, or have a great website (especially if you had a hand in creating it in 2016), share share share.

It’s lovely when someone shares our work or posts on social media. And mostly people say thanks. This gives you a chance to say hi and have a chat. Don’t do it for the sake of getting a sneaky contact in, do it because you genuinely want to say thanks.

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Over to You

Do you have tips to share about getting in touch with clients in the new year? What works for you? Share away.


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