Easy Facebook post writing tips

The scenario

Sitting in my local cafe writing some Facebook posts along with all the other home based business owners that are there most days, I decided to add my new business details to my personal Facebook page to let people know I was working as a copywriter,  that I can help them write video scripts for their bio videos, or their business Facebook posts, etc etc…except that I typed something along the lines of blah blah spelling error, blah blah, incorrect word, blah blah blah…

Now, I had no idea, as I was pleastantly drinking my coffee and feeling good I had ticked a box, albeit a small one, about myself and my new career…then an old manager of mine sent me a message that said “you have made me laugh til I had tears of laughter  – check your spelling you burke, edit and then I will share it for you…” – lovely lovely Kerry.

So I re read it and nearly spat my coffee. Edited the ONE WORD I found, and reposted, feeling again, pretty satisfied. Over the weekend I checked again and found that someone had added a comment to the post identifying ANOTHER  ERROR. Okay, so far not good for the copywriting business…but huge lesson learnt for me that day.

First things first when writing Facebook posts for your business

Just don’t okay – don’t post important things on your phone in a dimly lit room and think your chubby fingers on those damn little virtual keyboards are going to do the right thing by you without some work.

Thank your lucky stars

Or bless people who send you personal messages with reference to mistakes and don’t broadcast the error in the comments of said crappy post.

Three simple words for perfect posts

Proofread, proofread, proofread.

If ever there was a time when “writing is 80% rewriting” this is it. Proofreading isn’t just going back over your post or blog, it is reading so your eyes see every single word. As you might know, when we read, our brain is so clever that it assumes for us quite a bit of what we are “reading” so we don’t tire our eyes on words we don’t need to see…it also means reading aloud, and checking for homonyms (their /there/they’re, your/you’re, for/four and so on) is super important.

Once you have checked it with these easy steps – post away, but I can’t gurantee you wont still end up with a spelling slip up or an incorrent word – we are human after awl…


Easy Facebook Post Writing Tips