Follow These 3 Steps To Win Back Some Time

Tidy your workspace

Clean up your workspace the night before so you don’t start the day looking for shit like your keys, your wallet, important client’s details, the school notices, and your glasses!

Also, starting with a fresh tidy desk allows your brain to start focusing on the work at hand and not the pile of unpaid bills or kids’ artwork cluttering up your space. Doesn’t mean you are going to end the day with a tidy desk, but you can always start with one.

TIME SAVED: 15 minutes

Use To-Do Lists

Use to do lists all day every day so you don’t waste time on tasks that are not important to your business and family goals. If ever you find yourself faffing about not getting much achieved you know you need to revisit your list.

Keep it short so you’re not overwhelmed.

I have to try very hard to keep only 3-5 things on my list each day. Too much and I end the day in a pool of self loathing and guilt. Too little and I faff all day and don’t achieve anything.

TIME SAVED: 30 minutes

Ignore The To-Do List

Bear with me here. If you stop and check how productive you feel, and there’s something really distracting you that isn’t on your to-do list – set a timer for 15 minutes and get it done (or at least started).

You’ll be able to stop thinking about it and focus on the other things you were trying to achieve.

Our brains are simply not wired to multitask, even though we say we always do it.

In reality we are just being distracted and our concentration has to start from scratch each time…science backs me up on this I promise!

Here’s an article from the Huffington Post. Essentially every time you turn your attention to another task, ‘your brain is actually rapidly toggling between tasks, and because “each toggle depletes energy,” multitasking can actually drain you, leading to fewer accomplishments rather than more.’

TIME SAVED: 15 minutes

Over To You

That’s 60 minutes you can spend walking, playing with the kids, having a bath, talking on the phone, reading magazines, losing yourself on Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Truthfully we often waste more time that we think on social media too – so there’s another 30 at least!

How do make sure you get the most out of your day?


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