Stop! Before you press ‘go live’ in your car, or sit outside and press record – here’s how to create professional videos with your phone, in five easy steps. And do it so you put your best brand-foot forward and stand out for all the right reasons!

Get To Know Your Phone

Get used to the function on your smartphone – gifs, video collage, slow-mo, timelapse. They all have their place and you can practice with them to see which ones work in your business for the type of content you want to create.

Check out the settings on your phone then play around to see what looks good and could be used in different ways.

Find the camera lens

You’ll likely be using the forward facing camera so you can see yourself on the screen.

But rather than gazing at yourself and fiddling with your hair like I do, looking at the lens makes it feel way more like a conversation. You look more professional, and you can’t really see yourself so it’s better for your confidence too!

Having the phone up at eye level feels like we are speaking to one another, rather than potentially seeing up your nose (which incidentally adds loads of kilos and a double chin to even the skinniest of people).

Give it a try it makes a huge difference



And don’t forget to LOOK at the lens, and have it at eye level – it really does make a difference to the quality of your videos.

But rather than gazing at yourself and fiddling with your hair, looking at the lens makes it feel way more like a conversation. You look more professional, and you can't really see yourself so it's better for your confidence too! Click To Tweet

Shine a Light

Can I see you? Check the light – it’s super important when you consider that 85% of videos are watched without sound on Facebook.

If I can’t see you because the light is poor, or behind you and you look like a whistle blower on A Current Affair, then I am most likely to scroll past without a second thought.Let us see you so your videos look awesome

Use natural light on your lovely face, or even a desklamp. If you want to purchase some they range in price and size, from selfie lights on your phone to LED lights used by the professionals

Be Clear

Make sure your message is clear – don’t waffle, or ramble, or talk about stuff that doesn’t relate to the point – you have about 7 seconds to make me stick around and watch so use it wisely! Not sure what to say? This blog will help.

Get to the point – if that’s not your strong point – practice! Record a few times and delete them til you get it more succinct. People don’t have the time to watch when there’s no point.

Just write a few key words and talk about them – a word for word script is for an actor and voice over professional!

You are talking about your OWN business. Own it!

What’s behind you?

Make sure you’re not sharing too much stuff that’s not related to your business

Kids’ artwork on the fridge, crap on your messy bookshelf, undies on a clothes airier (true story, not mine!)

Here’s my set up for standing videos (usually the pre-recorded ones you see I record standing):

Ultimate Facebook Live Resources PageYou could invest in a backdrop like mine.

It was an investment, but I am oh so glad I bought it, as it makes it a no brainer when I am setting up to go live, jump on a skype call, record a video and more. But you could equally set up with a nice bookshelf with branded colour items on it, a pot plant etc. 

Step By Step

So once you have set up with your equipment – it’s time to open your camera, click video, then press record – use a tripod so your phone stays still, follow the advice above, and keep your videos short.

Videos under 2 mins long get the best response across social media.

And as for Facebook Live – that depends on your topic, and your audience. I tend to keep mine around 10 mins, so it’s not too long for people to watch later, and gives Facebook time to build an audience for me – the Goldilocks of live video length!! Not too long, not to short, but JUUUST RIGHT.

You can watch a short tutorial video here that shows you how to go live on Facebook.

  • Record your short video (following your dot points and the advice above)
  • Load directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • If you feel you need to edit the video, to make the start and end a bit more gorgeous – then upload the file to your computer (I never edit on my phone – but that’s me. You can find loads of editing apps in the app store
  • Not sure how to edit them? Here’s a 4 min tutorial I share in my Video Marketing Academy, on editing in iMovie

Over to you

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner struggling to get your message out there on video and not sure where to start – grab my free video training (15 minutes) including five steps to create videos for your business.