Video Marketing is Key to Your Online Presence

You’re familiar with the stats, you see the competition getting out there – but where do you start?

Ever watched a video and pressed stop because the content wasn’t anything like the tile? Or the presenter rambled or didn’t get to the point? Well here’s a simple video marketing tip that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

One Sentence Can Make A Huge Difference

When you’re planning your videos, think about each video as having just ONE PURPOSE. Now put that purpose into a sentence. It’ll make your message crystal clear.

Why would I ask you to do that?

Well it’s going help you in two important ways:

  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation.

This is about the words your ideal clients might type into Google to find your product or service and where you end up in the search results. Having just one phrase to describe your video will help with giving it a title, and will help you plan what you want to say. Those two things will influence how indexable or Google lovable your video is.

  • Your one sentence purpose makes creating your script or clarifying your message easier.

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But Do I Reeally Need A ‘Script’?

Do NOT believe people who say you don’t need a script because it will make you sound scripted!

A script can be anything from a few words on a post it note, to a word for word document with transitions and timing. It totally depends on you, and how long your video is going to be. 

Without a script you’ll sound unrehearsed and under prepared – you need your audience to feel they are in safe hands.

A script can be anything from a few words on a post it note Click To Tweet

By having a clear focus for your video, you’ll know if you’re rambling or going off topic.

A great script will help you to feel confident, and in turn, help your customers feel confident about buying your services.

Being clear about the purpose of your video will help you spend less time getting to the point so your video is shorter and therefore easier to load and share, and more likely to have lots of eyeballs watching it.


Give each video just one purpose

Some examples

Imagine this is your personal branding or video bio. One that will sit on your You are an HR Consultant to small business. Your one sentence purpose would be to “share how I can help small business find the right staff”. Break that into three sub headings and you’re well on your way to your video script.

You might be a coach who works with entrepreneurs on financial confidence. You want to share tips on video with your ideal client. Your one sentence purpose would be “Grow your financial confidence using these 2 minute actions every day”. That’s the start of a great script and a video people will definitely watch.

How about if you are personal trainer who works with new mums? You want to share some fantastic and easy exercise that new mums can do to regain their strength. “Five exercises to regain pre-natal strength”. Makes organising your video pretty easy doesn’t it?

So get that one sentence in place for each video – write it down, say it out loud, and use it to help you write your script. 

Over To You

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Have you struggled to keep your video marketing focused? Let me know in the comments and I’ll come back to you with additional tips.

Clarifying your message will improve your video marketing