Don’t Panic!

I know you’re thinking you can’t do video marketing for your business because you’re just too nervous. You feel paralysed. You hate public speaking, you don’t want to hear your own voice, you don’t like how you look. You have a tight feeling in your chest, clenched fists, shoulders and neck in a knot. Am I close?

Well, not only am I going to convince you to give it a go, but with my nerve busting tips, you’ll be unstoppable.

Here’s just three great reasons why you need to follow my tips and start recording videos for your business:

1 – Online video accounts for 50% of mobile traffic

2 – 75% of business executives watch work-related videos at least weekly

3 – Using the word “video” in an email subject line increases click-through rates by 65%

If you’re still not convinced, check out this great infographic by Hubspot for more reasons why video is a great medium for marketing your business.

Top Nerve Busting Tips

Now that you’re onboard with video, let’s deal with the nerves. You can use this method EVERY DAY, whenever you get that nervous feeling.

Firstly, imagine you are about to press the record button, on your phone, your iPad or your computer. You decide to just wing it, maybe have a go at a short video. Or maybe you’ve written yourself a script and read over it a few times.

How do you feel? Where is the feeling? In your hands, your forehead, your tummy?  Out of 10, what do you feel (if 10 is a catatonic foetal position in the corner)?

My nervous feelings are always at the top of my tummy, near my ribs. A kind of knot of tightness that I feel when something is worrying me in a moment that the thought pops into my head. For me it’s usually getting feedback from someone whose opinion I care about. I always feel a little bit sick…

So are you feeling those nervous sensations? Here’s what to do.

Take a big deep breath

Put your hands either side of your rib cage. Take in a big deep breath – into the bottom of your lungs until you feel your ribs expanding. We often breathe at the top of our lungs, so a deep breath is more like a lifting of the shoulders and your chest moving forward. That’s not a deep breath. You need to breathe deep into the bottom of your lungs.

Do it three times. Just focus on the breath in, breath out. If your mind strays do it again…

Use your video purpose to focus

Okay, now breath and think about the message you want to get across in your video – your ONE SENTENCE PURPOSE (check out my post on nailing your video’s purpose here).

Say it out loud

Get used to the sound of your own voice, say your purpose or introduction until you don’t feel stupid. Sometimes I imagine I am speaking to the best person I know. Someone who supports everything I do and has nothing but praise for me. Feel free to have your own imaginary friend. I think it helps.

Use the voice recorder on your phone, and get used to the sound of your voice. It will make a difference to your confidence and reduce your nerves – I guarantee it.

Now imagine thinking about pressing the record button. What is your score out of 10 now? Did it reduce? Keep doing the exercise until you feel like you are at a five at the most, which is the point where nerves can be motivating but not debilitating…

So remember these three tips for busting video marketing nerves:

  1. Practice proper deep breathing
  2. Have a one sentence purpose for your video
  3. Rehearse out loud to get used to the sound of your own voice

I’d love to hear how you go with these nerve-busting tips. Let me know on the Writing Works Victoria Facebook page, or comment below.

use these nerve busting tips before you record your videos with these great tips