The FIVE Biggest Fears Stopping You Build Your Brand: Look and Sound Fabulous AF on Video

The FIVE Biggest Fears Stopping You Build Your Brand: Look and Sound Fabulous AF on Video

The Five Biggest Video Fears

With 63000 searches on Google a SECOND, it’s not how good you are at what you do, it’s whether or not people can find you. Video is THE best way to increase your reach, your authority, and let people get to know, like and most importantly TRUST you.

We are hardwired to react to other human faces, we have emotional reactions before our logical brain catches up – and face to camera video is a powerful tool to share your important unique business message, today.

Let me ask you something – what’s stopping YOU? Is it one or more or ALL of the the five?

  1. The Perfectionist Beast
  2. Tech overwhelm
  3. Imposter Syndrome – I’m Not Good Enough
  4. Oh god, do I really look and sound like that?
  5. I don’t have time/it’s too hard/too expensive
In this blog I’ll be tackling each one – see what tactics I’ve offered you – you’ll find something that will work, and once you implement it, you’ll feel loads better. And you’ll attract clients and feel awesome.


Over the last 3.5 years, hundreds of awesome business humans have been through my workshops and challenges to grow their confidence to be more visible. To STEPUP and let go of the self doubt and inaction that keeps them hidden from the 63000 google searches PER SECOND…
One of THE BIGGEST reasons you’ve given me is that you are a perfectionist. ‘I just want it to be perfect’, You say. I do so many takes because I want it to be, to feel, to look perfect.
I have a question for you: have you ever met a perfectionist that is actually perfect? No. Has there ever been a time you thought or felt you looked or sounded perfect – probably also NO.
Because it does the OPPOSITE. It stops you sharing, makes you hold back, stay hidden, small and probably not earning what you deserve to earn in your business. Is that your idea of perfect?
Perfectionism is a fear based excuse and nothing more. Nothing less. It’s a fear that you’re not good enough. It’s your ego making sure you don’t run out into the oncoming traffic.

Here’s what to do next

Reframe the Fear. The chances of being criticised for your video efforts is LOW.

The people up the top want you to succeed. Embrace your cheerleaders, you know who they are, and accept that you will receive feedback from clients (not criticism even though you may feel like it is – reframe it)
Down the bottom are people who don’t want us to succeed, whether they are frenemies who know us, or hater morons with a keyboard and a bad attitude.
Overall you can control or educate your frenemies (thanks for pointing out my spelling error publicly on my page Aunty Sharon), and do what you can to ignore or manage the haters (can I also remind you that you probably don’t really have any, but it is a true perceived fear, so I get it)
Try some confidence affirmations and some nerve busting tips – you can find them here, and in the challenge we will be doing them live and testing which ones work for you based on a REAL video post.

Fear of Technology

Worried you’ll do something ‘wrong’ or the tech will fail you? I’ve seen seasoned campaigners go sideways on Facebook, or have to delete and start again plenty of time, and without skipping a beat, they fix it and carry on – and you can do the same.
You can get started with your iPhone, a good source of light on your lovely face and a low cost tripod like this one  and away you go.
Get started NOW, get fancy later.
And for DIY videos for social media you don’t really need to get that fancy anyway. Not really.
The main offender for this fear is Facebook LIVE: Once you have used it a few times, Facebook live gets easier and easier. You just have to start
You will most definitely get better – I have never seen anyone get worse. 

Imposter Syndrome – comparisonitis

Be AWARE of those around you, but don’t COMPARE.
This was great advice recently at a communication training program I attended run by Scott DeMoulin of Destiny Training.
You’ve heard the term run your own race? What that means in real terms is that you have to trust your idea, your expertise and your passion so much that you are NOT on the escalator with everyone else, you have your own private escalator moving you to where you want to go.
Comparison is the thief of joy ~ T Roosevelt

One very practical way out of this is to identify exactly what sets you apart from everyone else. You might know it as a USP – this is a great exercise to do with your clients or close business friends – what do THEY think you do and what makes you unique?

Secondly, and more importantly, choose your words carefully when you describe what you do. Buzz words are easy but they don’t often explain how awesome you are or set you apart – this is a vanilla free zone. Use words that really get to the heart of YOU and what you bring.
Here’s a fun exercise I shared in my group recently, video bingo. Give it a go to weed out those words you’re using that everyone uses, that are starting to lose their meaning, and choose more concrete one…
For example – instead of Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone (honestly, I think if you had a dollar for every time you read or heard that one, you’d be sipping mojitos on the beach in mauritius)
Say something like – take a leap of faith, step into the unknown, try something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable and see what happens. These have more meaning and if you say them they will also mean I get to know you better too.
YOU ARE AND EXPERT – you won’t look silly or stuff up. And SKILLS are CHEAP, PASSION IS PRICELESS

Do I ‘really’ look and sound like that??

I have never met a person who LOVED themselves SICK when they saw or heard themselves on video. Not one.
My 15 year old said he can’t believe how different he sounds when he watches himself back on video – and that’s the point. You hear yourself differently to how we hear you. Don’t overthink it, just know that most people won’t notice or cringe like you do.
The only thing you can really do is become so used to it that you don’t think about it anymore, desensitised if you like. Taking action on the thing reduces the fear of the thing.
There are three main elements to think of here (apart from doing a Denise DT and getting a blow wave before you record a batch of videos (not a bad idea if it makes you feel awesome by the way)
  1. Pick a place and set it up so you LOVE it. I have tried a few difference places of the years, it’s great to choose a spot and stick to it for a while. Helps you make less decisions each time. Sit or stand, indoors or outside for example.
  2. Natural light is free and looks great too (not direct sunlight though) Don’t be a whistle blower on a current affair – let us see your lovely face. It makes you look better too with less shadows on your face
  3. Wear something you love, less patterns are better, and just be happy. That top everyone comments on? Wear that. Makeup if you like – I find it helps me feel ‘put together’ as my late mum would have said. Ready to show up.
The five main things to think about are:
>can we SEE you?
>can we HEAR you?
>What’s behind you?
>look at the camera lens (HINT: it’s here)
>have the camera at eye level so you look and feel your best, most energetic self
Here’s a little video to help you remember these five things:

I don’t have time

Here’s the thing – you don’t HAVE to do video, you can CHOOSE to do whatever you like, but if you feel like it’s an important part of your visibility, marketing, confidence, business future, then you will make time.
Energy flows when our attention goes, don’t you agree?
So here’s a few time saving tips for you that we’ll be practicing together in the challenge:
>have your set up ready to go – tripod, your phone charged and ready, (and your lippy on…) this makes it faster.
>keep your videos short – well under two minutes, even under 1 min if you can. Challenge yourself to find five things to share in under five minutes with of video and you’ll have them ready to share in under an hour (the record for one of my clients is 11 videos in 40 mins because of the preparation we did and how well she knows her topic – that could be YOU)
>a few key points you’re going to talk about, and a clear purpose for each video from a little brainstorm of ideas that will take you under 2 mins to do.
Lights Camera Clients!
You totally have this by the short and curls – tell yourself how awesome you are, thank yourself for all you offer and do for your  family, your community your clients. Feel as amazing as you are, and this will flow through.

Over To You

Want practical tips LIVE? Join me in the Facebook Group The Visibility Project for a chance to practice and learn more.
Three Confidence Tips For Video

Three Confidence Tips For Video

Did You Know?

Did you know that nerves and excitement have the same symptoms? Rather than trying to make yourself calm down, try to shift your thinking to “I am excited!” To get you in the zone for feeling confident on video, read on for my three key confidence tips for video awesomeness.

Sometimes people shy away from video marketing because they feel too nervous to DO it – worrying about how they look and sound, panicing about the tech, not wanting to sound silly and get their words wrong.

And then there’s the fear – that noone will watch, that people WILL watch, that there might be unwelcome comments from morons with a keyboard.

So how can I move your from FEAR to FABULOUS? Follow these three strategies and let’s get you sharing your awesome business message on video to grow your people, profile and profit!

Passion, Purpose, Practice!

And then there's the fear - that noone will watch, that people WILL watch, that there might be unwelcome comments from morons with a keyboard. Click To Tweet


Start with how you feel about your business and the clients you are going to help! Be passionate about that message you need to share. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients – how are you going to help them. Think about the difference you are going to make to them with the content you create.

Passion about your audience and the message you have to share takes you out of your own head, and helps you connect with the people you are going to impact with your awesomeness. And it can make you feel excited instead of nervous!

Even if you don’t think you are awesome – you’re probably taking for granted the difference you actually make to people. So get passionate.


Don’t go live or press record without a clear idea about what you are going to SAY . What is the purpose of it? To answer a question, solve a problem, share a specific story?

Be specific – what is your introduction (not sure how to nail it? Check out this blog for some ideas)? What is your call to action at the end of your video so people know what you want them to do? Subscribe? Like the page? Comment on the video?

Write it on a post it note, or record it on a doc online, and GO.


I can’t tell you how many times I have said this – get used to the sound of your own voice! It makes a huge difference to your confidence, clarifies your message, and contains your videos into shorter snippets that are easier to edit and share. PS Don’t worry about editing – outsource it or check my simple tips out here.

Practice in the car, when you’re in the shower, when you’re in the supermarket checkout. Okay maybe not there, but you get the drift. Do it. It really works and can make you feel less anxious and more excited about your video.

Then practice with your phone – find the camera, press video and then the red button to record. See how you go – if you don’t know how check out my tips here.

Delete it and try again. Just practicing with your phone will make you feel less fearful of the tech, and you’ll start to see the difference in light, sound, sitting or standing, indoors or outside. This helps you choose your SPOT.

Over to you

If it’s time for your to focus on achieving your business vision with video marketing – grab a calendar slot here so we can chat about what video can do for your business

How To Create Videos FAST

How To Create Videos FAST

With the volume of video available to watch online and the competitive nature of our online businesses, we need to get video to platform fast and effectively. But how do we do that?

If you spend time creating your own videos, you’ll know they take some commitment. It’s not the same as writing a blog or social media post. So you want to get it right the first time. Here’s my tried and tested method for creating video FAST.

Have A Plan

Without a strategy, and a content plan, you can’t really create high impact videos fast.

Start with your strategy. What’s the outcome you need from your video marketing? Are you nurturing existing clients, raising your profile, adding value on LinkedIn to increase the number of connections?

This helps you know what you are going to create and means you are not going to waste time, money and energy creating content that doesn’t hit the mark. The last thing we want is to have to re-record or delete and start again.

You need a content plan that is solid and ready to go. One you have filled with what your clients need from you. Not sure what that is? Ask them! Your plan should include how you’re going to answer their questions and fix and solve their problems through your videos.

Video Recording Set Up

Decide where you are going to record most of your content. So you don’t have to rethink where to stand, where to look, where you’re going to put your tripod, what light you need, whether you need to use a microphone, what background is behind you, etc.

All of those things you can have in place regularly so when you’re ready to record, you don’t have to create that space every single time. It will save you loads of time to have it setup all the time or at least, know how and where to set it up when you’re ready to go.

Know what you’re going to say

The first time you say your video content shouldn’t be when you press record or go live.

Spend some time creating key points that you can rehearse, practice and get ready to create those videos. If you don’t do this, that’s the stuff that makes you have to edit, and you don’t want to, believe me. The less editing the better.

After you’ve practiced what you’re going to say, you’ve heard your voice, you know what to say, and away you go.

Press record. Record your video and do yourself a huge favour by splitting your introduction, the body of your content and your call to action into three very clear pieces of video footage. Whether that means you just pause between each one and smile and breathe for a second or two, or whether you stop the camera and start recording again is completely up to you and depends on your skills in editing.

Creating video content fast happens when you are totally in the moment, and you know exactly what you’re going to say and what your clients need from you.

There’s a lot of power in talking about the topics that you feel intimately knowledgeable about, the stuff that when people ask you, you could talk about it for hours and hours without having to look at any notes whatsoever.

Stick to the topics that make you feel empowered and strong and like the expert you are, and your videos will be faster and faster to create.

Keep Your Videos Short

Statistics say that videos under 2 mins retain more audience, plus on Instagram and twitter they need to be under 1 minute anway. So keep your message clear, your videos short, and you’ll have a library in no time.

As for Facebook live – you need to give Facebook time to notify people that you are live, plus give your audience a chance to notice the notification and click to your post. 10 minutes gives you enough time to cover your topic and have some eyeballs watching.

Be somewhere with fast internet

When you’re done with your video creation, it’s time to upload it to your computer for a spot of editing.  You need fast wifi or good internet connection. A two minute video can take a matter of seconds, versus 20-30 minutes with slow connection – ain’t no-one got time for that!

Same goes to uploading to youtube if you’re going to get captions files created – but more about that in another blog.

Get them uploaded as fast as you can with mobile data or strong wifi connection.

Editing Like a Pro – or Not

Some people are put off using video to market their business because they don’t know how to edit them, and don’t want to learn!

I taught myself to edit over the last two years, but there are times when you’re best to find a professional editor!

If you’re going to diy your videos and editing, I recommend you watch this short video, where I share how I follow a simple template each time, so I don’t have to rethink it. And it’s fast and simple to do each time.

I don’t bother with a fancy logo animation, as that’s five seconds longer you need people to watch before you get to the content…BUT, it you have your heart set on it, this is something you can also outsource. (If you’re not sure how, shoot me a message or comment and I can put you in touch with some editors).

So there you have it. Now it’s over to you.

Over to you

Get started on a video marketing content plan and strategy so you don’t waste time creating content that hasn’t earned it’s place. If you’re not sure about the mechanics of setting up for video or going live, or how to structure your message, this free video tutorial will start you on the right path. It has a workbook to make sure you include the information you need, your ideas and plan out your videos. Go ahead and grab it today, it’s only 15 minutes of your time

Run Your Own Race

Run Your Own Race

It’s  hard when you are starting a business, or even growing an established one, not to check out what everyone else is doing. Read on if you’d like to know how to avoid making yourself crazy and ruining your self-esteem when you’re trying to grow your business online.

Looking at other people’s posts, content and offerings will make you feel worse, not better – run your own race!

Rubber Necking

We can’t help seeing it – the shiny new website promoted on Facebook, the newest optin looking spectacular in a post in our favourite group, the latest professional shots that are so on-trend.

It can really do your head in. You open instagram and scroll through the feed, you see amazing posts from some of your competitors and even business besties. Instead of feeling insta-inspired you feel a little bit (or a lot), insta-crap.

So how can we avoid this mistake? You can’t NOT be on social media if you are trying to grow your profile so people know how awesome you are. And seriously the more time you spend looking at other peoples’ stuff the less you are spending on your own business!

So here’s a few ideas to regain your focus and run your own race:

Go back to your WHY.

Remember why you are doing all this – was it to agonise over other people’s posts and videos? I think not. Refocus on your overall why. Why you went into business, you did it for a reason, for balance, for lifestyle, to work 80 hours a week! Lol.

Focusing on others is NOT going to grow your business and get you closer to the goal you wanted to achieve. Click To Tweet

Revisit your business plan

Remember that lovely new business you started? You know the one! That made you all tingly and excited like a new high school boyfriend? If you wrote out a business plan, what did you add as your mission? What was it you wanted to do in the world? Go back and read it, you may have done it ages ago but I bet it’s still says what will drive you forward and motivate you today!

Have a break

Do you need a self-imposed social media ban? Even for one day?

Try it – get outside, stand in the sand at the beach, go to the park, don’t check socials for the day.

Set a timer

Because we need to be on social media for our own businesses, it’s important you set boundaries. Set a timer for 30 minutes in the morning. Don’t scroll. Get in and post what you need to, engage in the groups you want to be part of including your own if you have one, and then get OUT!

Manage your notifications

Go through your notifications for each platform you are on and only check the ones that you have been tagged in, or that relate to a comment on something you have posted. It’s super important that you give yourself permission to do this, or you fall down a rabbit hole of other people’s posts that have really got nothing to do with what you’re trying to achieve. 

Listen to your body

If something is making you feel anxious or causing some stress, turn it off. Turn off notifications, remove, pause, block or delete at will.

Don’t allow things in your newsfeeds that don’t make you feel amazing, uplifted, loved, supported and motivated! Click To Tweet

Run Your Own Race

If you want to grow that incredible business of yours, you really need to be using video to market it. In a way that achieves your business goals. Whether that’s in social media posts, blogs, emails, client messages or more.

Don’t stress if you’re not sure where to start. Go ahead and book in a 15 minute kick start call with me to give you some clarity about where to start with video. I’d love to help.

Jenny De Lacy Signature xx

A Social Media Plan We Can STICK To

A Social Media Plan We Can STICK To

We love a planner – online, hardcopy, on the wall. Wherever really. And we spend ages with our coloured highlighters and our erasable pens…so WHY CAN’T WE STICK TO IT??? How can we create a social media plan we can stick to?

I have seen so many posts lately about consistency. That I have to be consistent on social media. That consistency will make all the difference to my social media profile. Well I think it’s a fallacy myself, as life happens. So how can we create a plan that at least gives us an outside chance of getting ‘it’ right 80% of the time?

Here’s my method for setting up a strategy and content plan for social media that you can stick to.

Set your outcomes/intentions.

What do you actually want to achieve in the time frame you are giving yourself? What does the end game look like? More leads each week? Higher engagement in your Facebook group? Sales of your book?

Whatever it is, make sure it’s clear to you so you know what you’re planning FOR.

It’s fun writing social media content and creating videos (YES it is!), but is it actually growing your business? This way you are being strategic with your end game in mind rather than just creating posts for the sake of it. You’re much more likely to stick to it if you’re seeing results!

Be realistic!

Have little kids and work from home? Is it really likely you will get a blog a week out with a video to match and the social media scheduled for multiple platforms??

Be kind to yourself and be realistic.

Set yourself up to win, not feel like you’re losing the social media game. Set small goals for what you can achieve, see how you go, then maybe set some bigger ones as you get better at all this. If you’ve been in this game for ages, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Run your own race

This is a reminder. If you haven't seen me say it before - stick to your own game plan. Run your own race Stay in your own lane. Click To Tweet

If you’re not sure what that should be ask around for a great business coach, but do your absolute best not to rubber neck at what everyone else is doing, as that’s time you could be spending on your own stuff and helping clients who need you.

Don’t compare, don’t copy, don’t worry. Do YOUR thing.

Include your core social platforms

The rest can come later

Go back to that strategy, the outcome you wanted to achieve – which platforms are you going to focus on? They require different engagement, posting at different times of day, different video lengths and descriptions. Don’t try and do it all – it will blow your tiny mind

Pick content you’ve already created

What? No new content?? Here’s why this works and will save you loads of time and less hair puling.

If you’ve already created blogs, use them again, REFUEL them and get as much juice out of those suckers as you can. Tweets, quotes, facts, questions, videos and live broadcasts all come from your blogs, so make the most of them and save yourself time and energy

Over To You

If you want to grow that incredible business of yours, you really need to be using video to market it. Whether that’s in social media posts, blogs, emails, client messages or more. Don’t stress if you’re not sure where to start. Go ahead and download my free video marketing kickstarter training – How To Create Videos For Your Business. Its a 15 minute commitment that will make a huge difference xx

Five Ways to Answer the Question ‘What Do YOU Do?’

Five Ways to Answer the Question ‘What Do YOU Do?’

You’ve started a business, you think it’s pretty awesome. You feel as excited as a teenager whose boyfriend has a car. But when someone says ‘what do you do?’ you seem stuck for words. Or you ramble and sound either apologetic or simply the same as everyone else.

How can you easily answer the question ‘What do YOU do?

Without the clarity to give the answer to that question, and owning those words, your video content will not hit the mark.

This clarity also has a huge benefit to your social media generally, your networking, even guest speaking.

Here’s five ways to clarifying what you actually DO when someone asks you that question so your videos are clear and to the point, and you feel bloody amazing.

How can you easily answer the question 'What do YOU do? Click To Tweet

Speak it out

If you imagine we are having a conversation, and we have around two minutes each, what are you going to tell me? Set and timer and give it a go. It really works. You’ll find you get on a roll, the words start to flow and you’ll find some real gems in there.

I recommend you record this one so you can hear those words back and pick the ones you really feel match your personality, brand, business.

Go back to your about pages

What did you write on your website? How about your social media profiles? You wrote those words for a reason, so go back now and read them outloud. Do they fit? Change them up, or use as is. They might just need a little refuelling to bring them up to scratch.

Tell a story

What if you didn’t say “”I am a wellness coach” or “I am a whatever”?

How about we tell a story?

I’ve been doing this in my workshops as my introduction, so here’s mine as an example:

What do you do Jenny?

It all started with the contract that ended all contracts. A corporate L&D consulting role on a major change project 3.5 years ago. A 25 year career brought to an end. Spending time with more arseholes than I had ever met in one place at a time. A whole colony of arseholes.

The money was awesome of course, loads of cash coming in. But soleless horrible humans on the project, and full time hours, had a huge impact on me and the three teenagers I had to raise alone, and I was struggling. So all round a pretty shitty time. And I thought never again. Ever.

I left that corporate gig and I retreated to my bed. I decided I just wanted to take it easy, do something I found fun and have a break. I took up copywriting, and I was pretty good at it, got a few good gigs and the money was flowing again. BUT, there was that thing in the back of my mind that ‘this is not you, you can do more than this, help more people, live bigger…’

And I realised how desperately I missed being with an awesome bunch of people, delivering programs that made a difference, affected change in them. I’d been grieving the loss of my L&D career, but realized I wanted desperately to own that expertise. Built over almost 25 years, I wanted very much to have it back and share it with others. But not like the old days, this time with people also building their business. Perhaps struggling with confidence to get their mesage out there. Confidence I can share and teach.

I knew what I wanted to do, and it was super powerful and energizing.

So after a 25 year career as an L&D Consultant, creating audience-focused programs, and powerful presentations to develop people, I bring the system and process needed to make video marketing effortless, simple and NOT scary for my clients.

What do you think? Does it explain what I do it a better way than saying “I’m a video marketing strategist”?

Run it by a business buddy

Call a business buddy and ask them to listen to you for 2 minutes – see how they react to your core messages. Do they think you are living that message? Do they feel the way you’d like a prospective client to feel? Change it up if you need to, even send it to them as a document first then give them a call (way more powerful to say it than just write it).

Do a free writing/speaking activity

This is the equivalent of curing writers block. If you honestly can’t decide what to say, just speak into your voice recorder, google docs to record your words in text, or even a video.

Start speaking and keep going until you start getting to the nitty gritty of what it is you do and WHY (have you seen Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on this? It’s definitely worth a look).

Over to you

If you’re a business owner struggling to get your message out there on video and not sure where to start – grab my free video training (15 minutes) including five steps to create videos for your business.  I’d love to see you shine online and grow your business and your bottom line.