Don’t Spend Time Reviewing 2016

We’re always told to reflect on the year that was. The good, the bad, and the ugly. What worked and what didn’t. Connections we made. Money we spent. Emotions we experienced. Blocks we cleared…Reviewing the year is exhausting and I haven’t even started yet.

Before you delve into the year that was, and fall down the rabbit hole of introspective over-thinking, read on.

Before you fall down the rabbit hole of introspective over-thinking, read on. Click To Tweet

I get that as business owners, it’s super important to review our time and money spent during the year, and make adjustments accordingly.

To reflect on the clients we like to work with, our most profitable products, when we’re most productive and when we should pack it in for the day.

Not to mention the errors in judgement we made, (like working without a deposit, or taking on work that didn’t feel right).

But I reckon we already know that. Most of us are pretty clear about our own business success and failures throughout the year. God knows we agonise over things publicly, in our communities online, and beat ourselves up, often to our own detriment.

Reflecting on all the things I have learnt this year, of the time wasting as well as the wins, is not always a good idea.

And here’s why.

It’s easy to wallow a little long in the self loathing or pity, to overthink the reasons, the whys and wherefores.

Here’s How to Do It Without Spending A Day

I’d rather take a more practical approach that doesn’t see me wasting half a day on things that have already happened. So I came up with this method.

It goes like this:

  • Two Pats On the back
  • Two kicks up the bum
  • Two Champagne moments

I’d rather take a practical approach that doesn’t waste half a day on things that have already… Click To Tweet

That’s it. No more and no less. Then we all get to move on. To decide what we want next year and start making that happen. We’ll learn enough from those six experiences throughout the year to move our attention to the present and the near future.

Who’s with me?

Two Pats On The Back

For me one is personal and one is business.

The first one is giving in. Giving up the struggle with my 17-year-old and letting him leave school. We’d be fighting for too long. It was exhausting and getting us nowhere. And the other two were suffering. So after a sleepless Sunday night, I listened to my gut and decided to give in. What a relief. He started full-time work almost straight away and is a different kid. It has brought with it new challenges, but nothing as heart-wrenching and stressful as the lead up to that decision.

The first pat on the back is choosing to give in Click To Tweet

The business pat on the back is sticking to my decision to specialise.

Choosing a niche suits my personality. It is also easier, as I know exactly what I’m doing. The conversation, guest speaking ideas, blog posts.

It also helps others know who to refer to me.

People who I don’t work with but know online have referred clients and contacts to me because it’s clear to them what I do.

Two Kicks Up The Backside

Those of us prone to perfectionism or self-criticism won’t have any trouble choosing two things for this category. Keep it to two though. Don’t let yourself be too negative. This is the stuff you won’t be repeating next year. So look at it, and then let it go.

This is the stuff you won’t be repeating next year. So look at it, and then let it go. Click To Tweet

My first one is that I gave into procrastination or fear far too often this year. Although I have a fair weight of responsibility on my shoulders, I let that get to me a few too many times and didn’t achieve much for my business. Not ideal. And happily hasn’t been a problem since I made the decision to show up every day.

The kid stuff is not going to go away. I can manage that as well as build a business. I am getting up earlier, setting the intentions for the day and getting stuck into it. So when I really feel like a nothing day, such as my Netflix binge yesterday, it’s okay.

My second one is having let my health get so far away from what I want it to me. I have put on weight, lost my fitness and essentially become a couch potato at any given opportunity. I find it difficult to fit everything in. I have started doing simple yoga for my ‘desk sitting’ lower back and shoulders recently. Just following along on youtube. It’s a start.

Two Bottles Of Bubbly

This is fun. The first one is the first PayPal purchase that I have ever had. It was hardly a huge launch or anything, in fact, it was a little pathetic really, but I was still super excited to see that notification.

The second one was gaining my first small business client to create a series of videos. Scripting and coaching them. Encouraging them to get their message across. Pretty cool stuff. I’m outsourcing the editing just to make sure (don’t mind editing my own, but probably better to pay for someone else’s experience if it’s a client video!)

Over to you

What are your pats on the back? How about your kicks up the backside and your bubbly popping moments? I’d love to hear them. Feel free to share them here in the comments.


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