Did You Know?

Did you know that nerves and excitement have the same symptoms? Rather than trying to make yourself calm down, try to shift your thinking to “I am excited!” To get you in the zone for feeling confident on video, read on for my three key confidence tips for video awesomeness.

Sometimes people shy away from video marketing because they feel too nervous to DO it – worrying about how they look and sound, panicing about the tech, not wanting to sound silly and get their words wrong.

And then there’s the fear – that noone will watch, that people WILL watch, that there might be unwelcome comments from morons with a keyboard.

So how can I move your from FEAR to FABULOUS? Follow these three strategies and let’s get you sharing your awesome business message on video to grow your people, profile and profit!

Passion, Purpose, Practice!

And then there's the fear - that noone will watch, that people WILL watch, that there might be unwelcome comments from morons with a keyboard. Click To Tweet


Start with how you feel about your business and the clients you are going to help! Be passionate about that message you need to share. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients – how are you going to help them. Think about the difference you are going to make to them with the content you create.

Passion about your audience and the message you have to share takes you out of your own head, and helps you connect with the people you are going to impact with your awesomeness. And it can make you feel excited instead of nervous!

Even if you don’t think you are awesome – you’re probably taking for granted the difference you actually make to people. So get passionate.


Don’t go live or press record without a clear idea about what you are going to SAY . What is the purpose of it? To answer a question, solve a problem, share a specific story?

Be specific – what is your introduction (not sure how to nail it? Check out this blog for some ideas)? What is your call to action at the end of your video so people know what you want them to do? Subscribe? Like the page? Comment on the video?

Write it on a post it note, or record it on a doc online, and GO.


I can’t tell you how many times I have said this – get used to the sound of your own voice! It makes a huge difference to your confidence, clarifies your message, and contains your videos into shorter snippets that are easier to edit and share. PS Don’t worry about editing – outsource it or check my simple tips out here.

Practice in the car, when you’re in the shower, when you’re in the supermarket checkout. Okay maybe not there, but you get the drift. Do it. It really works and can make you feel less anxious and more excited about your video.

Then practice with your phone – find the camera, press video and then the red button to record. See how you go – if you don’t know how check out my tips here.

Delete it and try again. Just practicing with your phone will make you feel less fearful of the tech, and you’ll start to see the difference in light, sound, sitting or standing, indoors or outside. This helps you choose your SPOT.

Over to you

If it’s time for your to focus on achieving your business vision with video marketing – grab a calendar slot here so we can chat about what video can do for your business