Get sweaty palms thinking about standing in front of the camera? Just weak at the knees imagining saying something to that little black dot on the top of your computer? You’re not alone, and there are ways to make sure you have calm nerves to get that video done today! 

  1. Take a big deep breath to calm nerves 

    – right down in the bottom of your lungs. Yes, you might look like a bit of a weirdo but nerves are your body’s way of getting you prepared to run away from or have the fight of your life with some perceived threat – in this case staring at the camera and speaking. Taking a deep breath signals your brain to release feel good hormones so your heart rate can go back to normal, your breathing can normalise, and you can get on with what you are doing without feeling panic stricken

  1. Be prepared

    You MUST have a script, you need to know what you are going to say. Don’t wing it, it might only take you an hour to get a script together, and it guarantees you are camera confident. It’s as easy as writing down what you want to say, SAY IT OUT LOUD to see if it makes sense and you feel okay saying it (use your iphone/android voice recorder, it is an awesome tool) and tweak it as you go

  1. Rehearse

This is a must do – if you want calm nerves this will make you confident in your words, and make your body language say “listen to me I know what I am talking about.” Do it in the car when you are driving, in the shower, when you’re doing the dishes, vacuuming, drying your hair or on your voice recorder – however you do it, just do it because it makes all the difference to your confidence. The more you rehearse the less rehearsed you sound – true story!


calm nerves mean camera confidence