Want to be your own video superstar?

Did that make you squeeze your bum cheeks together?! I know it can make for cringeworthy moments, wondering ‘do I really look and sound like that?’ For me the older I get the more I look like my older sister and Facebook keeps tagging her when it’s ME, but I digress…

It’s time to get your #videomojo ON.

Here’s some stuff I know to be true from spending time with hundreds of people over the last three plus years focusing on visibility:

  • One of the ONLY ways to make this happen is taking ACTION
  • No-one but no-one loves themselves sick on video when they start out and it’s totally normal to cringe a little or a lot
  • Everyone gets better
  • Wondering what to say, how to ‘do video’ and not wanting to look like a wally are also completely normal – and we can fix that.

No question – if you’re in business today you need to be using video. But, if you’re like me, there might have been a heap of things holding you back – the tech, confidence and what to actually talk about. Jenny makes every step super-easy. Her guidance is practical and doable, and with a background that encompasses training, copywriting AND video strategy, she’s the perfect person to help you use video strategically to grow your business. She’s a top-notch person who is excellent at what she does, and her enthusiasm for video will inspire you to action.

Carla Beth

Join me for Lights Camera Lipstick: Video Confidence Challenge kicking off on 13th November:

==>Five days of video prompts, tips and ideas to go from invisible to the visible leader in your market

==>dedicated LIVE support in the Facebook group with me – every day for five days

==>expert professional presentation tips throughout

==>practice space to feel safe giving it a go, with a PURPOSE –

This is no flakey challenge where everyone gets high fives just because they pressed ‘go live’ – this is about learning how to share REAL value in your live streams, how to manage them and repurpose them, and how it fits into your business content marketing.

Real stuff, making a real difference in your business, as well as creating a new skill, so you can serve the people who need you most.

Gain bucket loads of confidence, and grow your profile, people and profit in 5 days

Enter your details below and you’ll tab a spot – you CAN do it you know, there’s nothing stopping you

Let’s do this!

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I never thought I’d be able to step in front of a video camera but with Jenny’s encouragement, support and knowledge I’m now creating and publishing my own video content!

Anita Sweeney

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