Video Scripts That Attract & Convert

More than words in a document – this is a living breathing record of the words that represent YOU and the clients you want to attract

Anyone can write a video script, right? WRONG.

The script comes to life when you SAY THE WORDS out loud. The closer you are to the delivery of the service or product of your business, the more you need to be in your video content!

I specialise in talking head, face to camera, spoken word videos. Where YOU are the most important part of the final product.

You get a video of me saying your script, a voice recording AND we spend time together so I can help you NAIL your message.

Here’s what I wholeheartedly believe, and have built my business on:

Every business has a unique message to share.

Even in a sea of competition, no one says or does it the same as YOU

Bringing more YOU brings more paying clients. So let’s work together to nail that message for your video.

About Jenny De Lacy - Video Marketing Melbourne