You don’t have to be a loud mouth like me for your business to be more visible

Introverts can be visible, even if you'd seriously rather poke a stick in your eye than press record Click To Tweet

There are heaps of ways to be visible without pressing go live on your phone and clenching your bum cheeks hoping you don’t stuff it up.

Here’s my visibility for introverts list

Here’s one I created earlier, showing some of the lovely people I have met in real life from my video challenge group. They are Dulce and Margarita from, Melinda from, Lisa from, and Erin from Creative Excel Solutions.


Create a little video in a few minutes using still shots, custom colours and fonts, add some music if you like, and voila! A short video without pressing record!

You can share it instantly onto Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What a great way to showcase some behind the scenes work, meetings, workshops, recipes and ingredients, gym workouts. The sky really is the limit.

You can pay for more layouts, and you can add your logo too. Check it out here.

Start A Podcast

Interview people and you don’t have to speak much! Click To Tweet

If you have people you believe will add value to your community, a podcast can add to your visibility as well as raise your profile through the people you interview.

And the bonus is, there’s nerry a camera in site and you can stay in your jarmies if you like.

Do Video Interviews

If it’s looking at the camera or seeing yourself on the screen that’s the issue, consider doing a video interview. Similar to a podcast but a step up because people can see as well as hear you.

Body language and all that stuff makes a difference to how fast we start to like and trust someone. 

A great thing about recording an interview on camera or on an internet call such as Zoom or Skype, is that neither of you have to be particularly focused on anyone else because you are speaking to each other.

Great for nervous nellies I find.

Animated Gifs Or Video Collage

A video collage might just be four short video snippets without sound or music that you can share. It looks like a photo collage but there are short videos in each square, (you can add more, or do less).

These are great if you are demonstrating steps in an exercise or a recipe, a way you show people who attended an event, or anything that would look great shared in one frame in a post on social media.

You can create gifs (a series of still shots in rapid succession so it looks like a short video) or video collage in most smartphone camera apps.

If you can’t see the mode on your camera, you might still be able to download it from the app store.
You could use an animated gif for a profile photo, a post or add to a comment in a post.

Talk to people over the phone

Jen Faulkner from said that she uses regular feedback calls or free consult time as her version of being more visible.

She gets to know more people, and get to know them better, because she is having more phone conversations. Getting to know people’s businesses, understanding their needs etc, and they also get to know her.
She isn’t ready for video or Facebook Live as yet. And that’s okay.
It suits her style and she is achieving her goals by speaking to more people.
I think this is a great place to start if you are feeling worried about “visibility” the way I talk about it the most. Video and Facebook Live is not for everyone, and I get it (#idontgetit). This is so much better than staying behind your computer and relying on emails and website copy for people to get to know you.

Slideshow ads on Facebook

Adding a short 15 second video to a Facebook Ad increases it’s click through rate and ROI. According to shoppers who view video are 1.8 times as likely to purchase than non-viewers. And Facebook conducted a study with Refinery29 and they found they had an 87% increase in traffic to the landing page and a 56% increase in subscription rate for those people who saw the video first.  (See the rest of this article here.)

If you don’t have a video to include (because. nerves), you could use a slideshow ad made up of still shots.
Simple to create. Head to Facebook’s help menu to find out how to do this.

Over To You

Are you feeling simply too nervous to grow your business’ visiblity this year? Need to work on that fear of criticism?

Come along to my video confidence workshop in Melbourne or online. Here’s the calendar to check the next dates. It will make a huge difference to your confidence.

Any other ideas for people feeling a bit sheepish about putting themselves and their busness out there? Please share in the comments below.

Pick something off the list and give it a go – we’re looking forward to seeing you online.

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