Kickstarter Package

Sound like you? You’re a business owner who is either randomly posting content on social media without a clear strategy, or delegating to a team member without knowing how to measure outcomes? Or worse, have no online visibility at all.

This is the package to get you and your team started, so you don’t waste loads of time and energy creating the wrong content, or stay invisible any longer. Let’s implement a system that takes away the guesswork and gives you a clear roadmap. 

This is a tailored coaching and strategy session. Can be with your team of up to 3 people so you can delegate the work once you’ve agreed to the roadmap.

What you get:

>20 content ideas to achieve your social media visibility (for you and your team to implement)
>online resources that suit your needs (choose from script templates, instructions for creating your own videos, swipe file of words for your scripts and more)
>accountability and a kick up the backside if you need it

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Video Marketing Implementation Package

People who work with me create more videos in a shorter time AND short circuit that “I can do this myself” mentality that finds you and your team taking WAY TOO LONG to get your message out to market, or posting stuff that is irrelevant and doesn’t achieve business outcomes for you.

Being the visible leader in your market is critical to attracting the right paying clients, those you want to influence and work with. Let’s get started on a program that gets rapid results for you and your team, to grow your profile, your people and your profit.

What You Get:

  • Everything from the KICKSTARTER program PLUS then we:
  • Clarify – strategy and planning for either a hero video, OR a shorter videos in a series, social media content, or marketing funnel. There’s NO one size fits all approach
  • Simplify – stop the waffle, untangle the web of words, and plan each video and piece of social content for maximum impact
  • Amplify – DIY or professional production, SEO, video descriptions, instructions for each platform and done-for-you options for distribution. Creating social content from each video to maximise your bang for buck.

No more random acts of posting on social media, or WORSE no visibility at all!

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