Video Marketing Coaching Services for Small Business

video marketing strategy with Jenny De Lacy

My Approach To Video Marketing Coaching

To get you from RELUCTANT to VISIBLE EXPERT with video marketing, all my coaching revolves around these four key ingredients. No amount of hoping and wishing will make this amazing marketing tool work for you without them. You can learn this via the Video Marketing Academy, or I can work with you one on one including your team


Let’s get the equipment you need, work out if you are outsourcing or DIYing your videos, set you up for where and when you are creating content and then tick it off! Mechanics get easier, not harder, and can include:

  • Light & Sound
  • Camera equipment (I still recommend you use what you already have – your smartphone!)
  • Set up – backdrops, positioning
  • File management, editing, captions, YouTube
  • Adding video to multiple platforms
  • Testing and analytics



Included in this critical element:

  • Choosing the overall purpose for your video marketing  – what are you trying to achieve? Launching a book? Training a team? Putting together a course, or promoting an event? All these and more are awesome reasons to use video and we work out which is the right one for YOUR business.
  • Clarifying client needs
  • Choosing primary and secondary channels
  • Identifying frequently asked questions
  • Content planning
  • Platform specific strategies based on your purpose and clients’ needs

Self Confidence

This is the gold of my program – you will feel strong in your message, and great about how you look and sound on camera if you follow my system. From your voice, (your most powerful tool), to your words, your engagement and your mindset.


Knowing what to say is sometimes the thing that stops a lot of awesome businesses using video marketing. Worrying about sounding silly, stumbling over the words, or simply not being sure exactly what to say. This is my jam. I love letting you know what words reflect you and your brand, how to put your scripts together and present like a champion.

  • Core messages – what do you stand for?
  • Individual video scripts/storyboards
  • Mindset around owning the message
  • Individual video plans
  • Branding language/messages
  • Introduction script
  • Call to action script
  • Video title ideas for different platforms/purposes that reflect your message
  • Posts to promote video content
  • Promo graphics

Five Step System for Uncomplicated Video Marketing

Don’t go another day without video marketing in your business to grow your people, profile and profit!

I’ll teach you my five step system from Plan to Promote so you can grow your business and your bottom line. You’ll see growth in your overall numbers, your engagement, your leads, and more

Let’s implement my system together in your business to get you and your awesome message on video for the people who need you most.